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We believe you can go further and do more when you have a trusted risk-discussion partner on your team, who will look at your business holistically to uncover new opportunities.

Whether your specific challenges are big or small, typical or unique, we invite you to discover our broad capabilities across multiple lines of business. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will listen and do our best to respond quickly with a customized solution to meet your needs.

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Partnership in Action: Case Studies

We’re passionate about problem solving. The real-life examples below show what we have done for clients in the past – and could do for you.

Innovating for Growth

Loss Portfolio Transfer Unlocks Future Profits and Capital
Our client had identified a growth opportunity to enter a new market and line of business. They needed additional capital. A customized LPT was the perfect solution.
Predictive Analytics Optimizes Disability Claims Management
We worked closely with our clients to deliver customized claims scoring models based on predictive analytics, models that optimize their disability claims management and offer claimants a quality service that helps them return to work.
Data Analytics Helps Clients Win Lucrative Tender 
Despite an exceptional service offering, our client faced strong price competition in a mature market. Our analytics experts unlocked and restructured their data to substantially improve their group life rates and increase their competitiveness.

Reducing volatility, protecting reputation

Cut-through facility protects key accounts
A rating downgrade threatened our client’s key accounts. We reacted immediately to help protect their business as they sought to transition back to a stronger financial position.


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