PartnerRe Worldwide Survey Results – Impact of Covid-19 on the Life & Health Insurance Industry

View the survey result slides

Covid’s impact has been severe and far-reaching. With Omicron’s high transmission rate and current widespread vaccination, PartnerRe has surveyed worldwide Life & Health industry experts to find out what they think about Covid’s impact on the industry thus far and what the future holds.

The survey was run during the second half of January 2022.

View the survey result slides for unbiased industry insights to help you to plan for the future. For example:

  • 75% agree that there will be a long-term increase in the incidence of mortality and critical illness claims.
  • 60% have made changes to their underwriting and sales processes, with 33% reporting that the changes are not just temporary.
  • 59% expect customer needs to change in some way – of these, the majority expect an increase in products that dove-tail into health management frameworks.


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